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ErNeDcLlEuSsSe, March 26th, 2011, 7:48 am
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GAHHHHHHHHHHGLE. >.< - Okay, I can honestly say I hate this page the most.I liked the top part with the planets; I found the planets reminiscent of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when Slartibartfast(xD) shows Arthur Dent the luxury planet models. The bottom portion, however, was complete and utter hell. Every moment of it. xDDD I had to draw in the thorns and color around them, then go over them with white-out. I speckled space with white-out, but felt like there were too many speckles, so I scratched them off and then colored the remaining white back to black. I had to color the freakin' planet UNDER the vines, which was a pain. Then I realized the vines looked too white with respect to the stars so I colored it in with black, blue, and red. Like I said. Pain. In. The. Ass.....Enjoy! x3 Oh, and favorite!

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